Xelhua online dating

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Xelhua online dating

If this hypothesis is correct, then the building that has been forgotten for decades will allegedly defeat the discovery of the pyramids in Egypt.Tempo Magazine in its edition dated August 27, 2012, tracked the mystery of the Gunung Padang site.

The evidence of local pyramids is scant, due to the Chinese Government and its ‘forbidden zones’ surrounding the city of Xian in the Shensi Province.

“Whatever the name or shape, it’s clear there hollows thereunder,” said Andi.

“At a glance, it doesn’t look like a mountain, more manmade.” His suspicion started because the shape of the mountain was nearly like a triangle when viewed from the north.

One by one, researchers claim to have found evidence that the pyramid-shaped mountain is man-made, and not a natural formation.

Radar imaging shows that the mountain hides enclaves of rock that resemble shrines.

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320 metres high each, they were until recently in a military zone.