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Red was the cheapest dye you could get, apart from natural grey which the Scots army had already adopted 6 Powder flask with spare gunpowder 7 Belt with bandoliers – each have a measured amount of gunpowder in 8 Satchel 9 & 10 Dagger with its sheath 11 Whetstone and to it’s left, a picker, which clears the touchhole in the musket in case of blockages 12 Matchlock Musket, which used a slow match to fire the main charge.

The new queen insisted on standardisation, and so the 20-bore caliver was introduced 30 Money bag with gold coins ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1645 New Model Army musketeer, Battle of Naseby 1 Latchet shoes - straight lasted shoes, i.e.6 Linen shirts and under garments 7 Black painted canvas knapsack which contained all the soldiers personal equipment and possessions when on campaign, it bears the Star of the Garter with the words Coldstream Guards in the centre scroll.On the top is a rolled Greatcoat and mess tins held in place by pipeclayed buff leather straps 8 Leather cartridge box which contained 60 rounds of pre-packed ball cartridge ammunition, it has a Coldstream Guards star fitted to it and was carried on the right hip by a pipeclayed buff leather shoulder belt.There were no forks in this time period – people used spoons to eat soup or porridge, and a knife to eat meat 10 Water bottle made of leather and soaked in pitch 11 Script bag 12 Leather boots– finished just below the calf with the laces wrapped around boots 13 Gauntlet – leather gloves 14 Linen Shirt 15 Socks – made using the technique nålebinding, where long lengths of wool are woven into long thin braids, starting at toe 16 Battle dress – red tunic worn next to the body; linen canvus padded jacket, chaine maille and blue and yellow surcoat 17 Belt – made using the technique of tablet weaving, a very archaic form of weaving 18 Rosary beads 19 Belt 20 Woollen cloak shaped like semi circle - waterproof and wind proof and used for travelling 21 Glaive - a new invention for the time, the weapon was originally made from a broken sword with a new piece of wood welded on 22 Sword 23 Dagger 24 Crescent-shaped axe 25 Flanged mace 26 Thigh-length, sleeveless leather vest, which buckled down back and had metal plates inside.This was top of the range body armour for the period 28 Maille to cover the legs and linen covering that went to the mid thigh - in this time period trousers don’t yet exist so the pieces of material covering the leg and groin are two different pieces 27 Straps to attach maille legs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1485 Yorkist man-at-arms, Battle of Bosworth 1 Long boots 2 Hat with a pewter badge for civilian wear 3 Sallet helmet that protected the face 4 Gorget 5 & 6 Paldrons – to protect the shoulder; the left one is bigger because the left side was the defensive side 7 Bevor 8 Pouch 9 Belt 10 Coist – worn underneath the hat to absorb sweat and keep hair back 11 Left arm armour – this was heavier as it was the defensive side.

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At the time they only had two prongs 24 Spoon 25 Drinking vessel made from horn 26 Wooden bowl 27 Leather flask lined with pitch 28 Felted woollen hat, the paper in the hat band is a religious tract.

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