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Who is louis theroux dating

So I had to adapt.”There are moments of levity, including a scene in which Nicky, 19, turns the table on Theroux. ” he asks, reading the presenter’s Wikipedia biography. ”Theroux’s career began as a writer before he found work as a correspondent on TV Nation, the satirical news programme fronted by the US documentary maker, Michael Moore. Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends ran on the BBC for three series between 19. Does his move into more serious subjects suggest a sense of shame in the work that, as Nicky discovered, he is still best-known for?“I just follow the subjects i’m interested in,” Theroux says.

“I got the uncomfortable feeling I wasn’t trying to engage with this person as a human being but trying to expose their frailties. ” Theroux, who says he wanted to cut the scene because it was “self-regarding” squirms: “Er, we don’t really have to read that, do we Nicky? Of the encounter, in 2001, with Christine Hamilton, and her former MP husband, Neil, it’s hard to say which was the most unsettling sequence - the one in which a tipsy Christine flirts with Theroux on a sofa, or when the Hamiltons are arrested by police investigating an alleged rape (the investigation was later dropped when it became clear the accuser had fabricated the story).But then nervous suits at the BBC pulled the film from its 9pm slot.“I was told it was because it was scheduled to follow Springwatch,” the presenter explains. You might get a older viewers who come out of blue tits and into something quite different.”The film, which is now set to be broadcast in June (at 10pm), takes Theroux back to Los Angeles and a once-booming industry in crisis.It’s classic Louis; he stands, saying little and wearing a range of looks (bemused, baffled, generally awkward) as eccentrics and people on the fringes of society exhibit extraordinary behaviour, be they survivalists, white supremacists, porn stars, or Christine Hamilton.“People say I’m deceptively unassuming but that’s the way I go through life. You can make it sound calculated but it’s pretty much just me.Coincidentally it turns out it can be very effective.”But then Theroux, who graduated from Oxford with a first-class history degree, admits to concern about being perceived as a lightweight.

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Now Theroux has switched his lens, and trademark media glasses (Jasper Conran, in need of a clean) from vulnerable freaks to the afflicted, marking a career transition fraught with risk.