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Four months after being the sole head writer, Bennett received a co-head writer in the form of Christopher Whitesell, on January 8, 1998.Bennett was fired during the summer of 1998 and her final episode aired October 5, 1998.This spike proved to be brief and was not sustained.When the show first aired, it started with 21 contract characters, of which 7 had left the show during its first year and a half.The first actress to leave the series was Adrienne Frantz.

The show also received twenty-two nominations for various other awards.Aside from Meg's family, Ricardo got his family expanded, including the introduction of his mother Carmen (Margarita Cordova), brother Antonio (Nick Kiriazis), and the sudden reappearance of his sister Maria (Christina Chambers), Ben Evans' presumed dead wife.The teen scene was revived in 1998, when Bette's daughter Emily (Cristi Harris) arrived in town and fell in love with Sean, prompting Amy (Krissy Carlson) and Brad (Michael Strickland) to intervene. Deschanel, was also cast in the form of Gordon Thomson, and a villain named Francesca (Lisa Guerrero) was added to the cast in mid-1998. In 1999, the show cast only three contract roles, the first two being in March, when Tracy Lindsey Melchior and Chase Parker stunned the soap with their sudden arrival in town.The show was renewed again for another year, and then picked up in six-month intervals for its final year in 1999.Before getting cancelled, the show was renewed twice, but it failed to grab the show's audience.

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