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may be an apt logo for an organisation manufacturing bio weapons may be joe could explain us more about the significance of "666" and what the book of Revelations (in bible) say about that.the name is something like "beagle II" but the company logo is more startling, it reveals a "666", which is called the "mark of the beast" or "the number of Satan" in christian mythology. But definitely i dont have hatred towards Television channel programmes just because i have different opinions from political point.

Few days before some one mentioned this artist TV name. There are some programmes in Kalaignar and Isai Aruvi TV i watch when i get time. Joseph's College, Trichy, where he was classmate with Abdul Kalam (who later became the President of India). Sc in Physics (1952-54) and masters degree in Electronics from the Madras Institute of Technology.

But come on, not every soundtrack clicks instantly. The curiosity value around Himmeshs music may be the reason for its encouraging opening.

On some tunes, you want to dance to immediately, others need time to grow on you. Not really, I've been working on some big films like Yuvraj, Delhi 6, Ghajini and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na that leave me with little time. We are happy with the kind of response the music of Dasavatharam has received in the market.

I found it interesting and i had been making use of the words some times. I dont stay off from those channels // BTW there is no need now for others deciding on my arguments on this point makes sense.

Dasa is the point of concern here and i am sure the movie will rock.

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guys, take a close look at the company logo behind aandavar.

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