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Sex dating in birkenhead cheshire

In a report to the General Medical Council, the hospital trust admitted: 'In cardiology, a consultant was dismissed recently for harassment of junior doctors of a sexual nature.

Those who knew about this behaviour had not felt able to escalate concerns.' It was alleged Saravanan touched three junior doctors in a sexual nature. A spokeswoman for Wirral University Teaching Hospital FT said: 'I can confirm that Dr Saravanan has been dismissed for reasons of gross misconduct, accordingly the matter has been referred to the GMC.' Merseyside Police said no formal complaint had been made against Dr Saravanan.

For many "ghosties", the North of England offers ghost train paradise – or hell if you are one of the few passengers dependent on them.

There are only four services a day between Helsby and Ellesmere Port in Cheshire.

There is no return service, which may be just as well, since many of the "ghosties" who pack the services each week find themselves waylaid at Stalybridge by the legendary real ales and homemade black puddings at Britain's most famous railway buffet.

An even rarer service runs between Frodsham and Runcorn, which has only one train a week – on Saturdays in summer.

When I get off at Gerrards Cross, I find I am no longer alone.

I also know that the real diabolical forces emanate not from the supernatural, but more prosaically from mandarins at the Department for Transport who keep the ghost trains permanently suspended in purgatory for their own dastardly purposes."You are our only customer today", announces the conductor, Mohammed, inspecting my ticket as though I were being awarded some kind of honour. But we run this train every day so that Network Rail won't shut down the line. Kaput."Certainly, this once mighty main line to Birmingham and Birkenhead, pride of the Great Western Railway until it was downgraded during the Beeching cuts of the 1960s, seems on its last legs.A top NHS doctor has been sacked and lost his licence to practice after he was accused of sexually harassing three junior doctors.Dr Palaniappan Saravanan was a consultant cardiologist at the Wirral University Hospital Foundation Trust in Birkenhead, Cheshire until his dismissal in November."You're at the wrong station, mate," the man in the booking office tells me when I try to buy a one-way ticket. That's where the Gerrards Cross trains go from." When I argue, he raises his eyebrows wearily and takes a long swig from a mug of tea.It's only when I refuse to budge, and after some consultation of dusty ring-binders, that a ticket is finally produced.

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Yet, waiting for me on Platform 14, in one of the darkest, dankest, greasiest and most inaccessible corners of the station, is one of the spookiest trains in Britain: the 11.36 "ghost train" to Gerrards Cross in Buckinghamshire.

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