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An infant grandson was dashed against the wall of the home, which was spattered with its blood and brains. When the savages were gone the murdered Hamptons were buried in one grave near the yard.” A History of the Jefferies Family found in the Cherokee County Library states that Nathaniel Jefferies and Wade Hampton were in the same regiment.

Though records are limited, it is possible that they both fought in the Battle of Fort Sullivan.

He may have established a store on his land that was later run by John Beckham Sr. C., and killed his father, Anthony Hampton, his mother, Anne Elizabeth Preston Hampton, his brother, Preston, and their grandson, Anthony, son of their daughter, Elizabeth Hampton, wife of James Mason Harrison Jr. Bailey in his History of Grindal Shoals, page 47, wrote, “The marauding expeditions of the Indians began in July 1776.

It was the tract of land in Granville County on the Long Branch that included William’s old Plantation of 200 acres.

The land was granted to William by Lord Granville on the 25 of August 1760. (Roots Web’s World Connect Project: Compton’s Place of Georgia Connections, Contact–William Kerr) John Beckham received a grant of 400 acres of land from North Carolina in the Grindal Shoals area of what later became Union District, S. His land was adjacent to the 300 acre grant on both sides of Pacolet River, above Carroll Shoals, that Joab Mitchell received from Mecklenburg County, N. (North Carolina Land Grants in South Carolina by Brent Holcomb, page 95) John Beckham was a chain bearer when the plat for the above land was drawn on April 27, 1767.

(The Beginning of Beckham Families—page 13—Google) William Benjamin’s will was signed June 4, 1776, and proven at the November court of 1777, in Granville County, N. (The Beginning of Beckham Families—pages 13-14—Google) He died in 1777, in Granville County, N. (Roots Web’s World Connect Project: Ashley Jo West Family Tree, Contact–Ashley West) After the death of his wife, Phyllis, John, his son, was to receive the slave, Peter. John and Elizabeth’s first two children: Nathaniel and Mary Leah Beckham were born in Granville County, N. Nathaniel died in 1771, while they lived on the 400 acre tract at Pacolet River.

When about to leave in the morning, he ordered the house to be burnt, after being given up to pillage, but on her remonstrance, recalled the order. Bailey wrote in his, History of Grindal Shoals, page 54: “The next morning a little after sunrise he (Tarleton) and his army came to Hodge’s (William’s) house and made him a prisoner.

All her bedding was taken, except one quilt, which would soon share the same fate.” Rev. His provender was seized, his stock shot down and his house and fences burned to the ground.

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Bond was dated August 12, 1761, and consent was given by Elizabeth Henderson, her mother.

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