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"The Metcalfe Playhouse and IAJ International are delighted she returns to Perth to add Mrs Johnstone to her repertoire.

She is joined by a strong local cast including Nick Maclaine, Gérard Schneider and Sarah Mc Neill." "Betty Bobbitt has been an actor, writer and director for over 50 years.

The problem is the women aren’t rich; the rewards are small.

What Natalie needs is a rich women to be sent to Bridgewater; one who, in turn, will make Natalie rich.

The book will personalised with Betty's signature and a greeting addressed to your first name as it appears on your Paypal details. In this major collaboration between Malthouse Melbourne and Victorian Opera, Richard Gill conducts an ensemble of 19 thieves, whores and tramps drawn from the hot and dangerous firmaments of opera, music theatre, cabaret and every dive in between.

Heading up this debaucherous rabble will be the ever-fabulous Paul Capsis, Eddie Perfect and AMANDA MUGGLETON ("Mrs Peachum").

The show syndicates to over 29 stations throughout Australia! LIVE STREAM: | Credit: DOWNLOAD HERE Respected television writer and script producer, the late Denise Morgan will be posthumously awarded the Hector Crawford Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Craft in the Field of Script Editing.

His latest novel, Privately operated with an emphasis on cutting costs, it is understaffed, corrupt and leaks like a sieve.But she knows it is only a dream; rich people don’t go to prison. He’s a successful businessman who got rich by using women to unknowingly bring drugs into the country for him.When Liz is caught at Sydney Airport with two kilos of heroin in her suitcase, her husband deserts her and she ends up in Bridgewater.The women meticulously plan the robbery but they are surrounded by danger on all sides.A husband capable of murder, a corrupt prison officer, an inmate prepared to betray Liz to get her revenge, an agoraphobic prisoner afraid to go outside, let alone over the fence, and a policeman with a very personal reason to hate both Liz and her husband.

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This is a great opportunity for any fans to get up close and intimate in our beautiful 94-seat theatre, and to hear her soaring, soulful vocals in an amazing acoustic setting.