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Lindi hingston dating site

‘And believe me, it ended nastily.‘But she was friendly and just asked me what I was up to.

She wanted to know why I hadn’t written any songs recently and whether I was still taking drugs.

Pete Doherty is gazing pensively out of the restaurant window.

It is early evening and we are sitting in his favourite haunt: Wagon Bleu, a bistro near his apartment in central Paris. It is the mention of Amy Winehouse that has prompted his morose mood. and believe me, she had a mean right hook.’Winehouse’s death, in July last year when she was just 27, hit him hard.

But I haven’t been able to watch it yet.’ Although he and Aisling’s mother, South African model Lindi Hingston, are no longer together, the three spent a weekend in Paris. I showed them some of the sights – Sacre Coeur and the Eiffel Tower.

‘In my heart, I pray and pray that his mother will stop punishing and torturing herself because she is convinced that there was foul play,’ he says. The door was bolted and there wasn’t anyone from the party outside on the balcony with him.’It is now two years since Doherty, the more infamous than famous front man of rock band The Libertines and one-time boyfriend of supermodel Kate Moss, moved to Paris.

Mostly, he insists, it was to avoid the headlines that his drug-addled lifestyle, his court appearances and his subsequent jail sentence attracted.

When we meet, he is wearing his trademark black fedora and a shabby blue greatcoat over a sharp black single-breasted suit, white shirt and black tie.

Doherty refused and insisted that the party host, Paul Roundhill, lock Blanco out of the flat.

Since his death, Blanco’s mother, English teacher Sheila Blanco, has campaigned tirelessly for a police investigation into claims that he was pushed by one or more of the party guests.

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