Kristin davis dating russell james romanian dating site uk

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Kristin davis dating russell james

"She's very supportive of him – she seems very happy."Former Sex and the City (and unwilling amateur sex photo star) Kristin Davis turns a staggering 46 today. Whether you see her in Sex and the City: The Movie or in sex photos with Eric Stapelman, there's no denying that Kristin Davis looks damn good. I don't think you can mess with it."Women should be more careful about letting nude photos of themselves leave their hands - as Kristin Davis and Audrina Partridge learned this week.

Kristin's secret: A balanced diet of salmon, brown rice, eggs, guacamole, bread made from spelt (a grain), nuts, lots of vegetables, a few vitamin supplements and, of course, the occasional latte. "I'm a recovering alcoholic," the actress, 43, tells Health. Following in the naked footsteps of High School Musical's Vanessa Hudgens and many others, these two - along with a possible Lindsay Lohan sex tape bombshell - made news this week as naked pictures of themselves turned up online.

When so many of Hollywood's finest fall into the downward spiral of alcoholism and drug abuse, it's sort of refreshing to find celebrities who manage to pull themselves back from the brink. Take Blake Lively, who prefers curling up with her hottie husband Ryan Reynolds to relax instead of unwinding with a glass of wine. The former Sex and the City actress has adopted a baby daughter named Gemma Rose, using a domestic adoption service a few months ago to make her parental dreams come true.

The experiences are priceless.' The Couples Retreat actress, who endured a long spell of being single prior to her relationship with James, says she is still keen to start a family.James and Davis, 44, sat in an intimate booth, sharing one very small side of a bench, and were affectionate throughout dinner, says a witness. In June, Davis joined James at a party to celebrate his new photography book at the grand reopening of Santa Monica’s Shangri-La hotel.“They hung out at the party and were definitely a little flirty even in public.Kristin Davis and her Sex and the City character, Charlotte York, may have both been unlucky in love at one time or another, what with divorces and her tawdry photos getting leaked and all.But Davis has found a match in Russell James."It's been going on for a bit now," says a source close to the actress and the celebrity photographer. Here's hoping Kristin - who was totally our favorite on the HBO show we said we only watched because our significant others made us - a special day.

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