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“If a girl is just like ‘I'll get this one,’ that’s totally cool,” Chung said. If women don’t address it, some surveyed men said they would.

Others use more subtle approaches: Only pay half the tab, lie and say you don’t have enough cash in your wallet — or take her to cheaper restaurants.

“You can’t go around being a little princess on the pedestal.” Some of the trends from the early era of dating have stuck around. And guys are still chivalrous: Three-quarters of surveyed men said they feel guilty when they let women pay, regardless of what she makes.

The same percentage don’t mind if their dates order the priciest prime rib on their dollar. Nearly 9 in 10 of surveyed women said they wouldn’t go for the most expensive item on the menu.

“The rules of courtship are in the transitional period,” said Diane Mapes, a dating expert and author of “How to Date in a Post-Dating World.” “There is a lot of confusion and frustration — and expectation out there.” That’s likely why guys tend to follow the trusted traditional etiquette — at first.

But it’s becoming a courtesy for gals to offer after that. But tossing them an offer throws them into a fool’s game: If guys accept or refuse, they risk offending gals.

She fixed up two friends, and after offering to pay on their first date, the girlfriend called Mc Guire from the ladies’ toilet.She said, in astonishment: “He’s making me pay.” “Some women are really feminist in all parts of life — and then revert to the '50s kind of would-be housewife model,” Mc Guire said.But some gals really, truly want to pay, like Kristina Hoock.In college, Hoock dated a traditional guy who never let her pitch in.He once bought her 0 worth of clothing on a single shopping trip.

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But it remains a double standard, since more women, about half, believe a man should pay more if he makes more.