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Dating women have been sexually abused

Rape Culture is an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture.Rape culture is perpetuated through the use of misogynistic language, the objectification of women’s bodies, and the glamorization of sexual violence, thereby creating a society that disregards women’s rights and safety.

They are one of the most common early warning sign of abuse FACT: Abuse can come in many forms, such as sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional.Abusers have a choice in how they react to their partner’s actions.Options besides abuse include: walking away, talking in the moment, respectfully explaining why an action is frustrating, breaking up, etc.FACT: Men, women and children of all ages, races, religions, and economic classes can be and have been victims of sexual assault.Sexual assault occurs in rural areas, small towns and larger cities. Department of Justice, a rape or attempted rape occurs every 5 minutes in the United States. Sexual assault is a violent attack on an individual, not a spontaneous crime of sexual passion.

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People reassure themselves by thinking, "Because I am not like her, because I do not do that, this would never happen to me." We need to help people understand that this is not a helpful reaction.